Swimmers and their skin!! My daughter….a lifelong swimmer….battled with skin problems the entire time she swam competitively. It was always something…..acne, sun damage, goggle rings, dryness and more. Of course, as a good mom, I took her to the dermatologist, bought all kinds of creams and lotions and finally, we just accepted the fact that her skin was sensitive to chlorine and got on with our swim life. That was definitely not going to stop her from doing the sport she loved so much. I wish we had had Dermasport as an option back then….but we have it now!!! What is Dermasport? Well, keep reading!!


Raccoon Eyes As an older swimmer, I also have my issues…..mainly around my eyes. And I hear the same complaint from many, many, many customers in my store. Swimmer “raccoon eyes” are a real thing! We do our best to steer our raccoon-eyed, swim loving customers to larger goggles that don’t sit right around those thin sensitive areas around the eye socket. That helps a lot and we have goggle options for you if you have that problem too….here is one we really love….the Nike Expanse Swim Mask


The gasket is large and doesn’t leave goggle marks around your eyes. It is a bigger goggle, but it seals well and we sell a lot of them. Everyone has been happy with them. Nike also makes an Expanse Goggle


….it’s a bit smaller but still fits outside that sensitive eye area. Okay….so you say you don’t want a fitness goggle???? Well….we have another answer for you…..Go ahead and wear your Vanquishers or other competitive goggle! We have a new product in the store that can help with those sensitive areas around your eyes. I promised I would tell you about Dermasport!! Here you go!


Dermasport Swimmer Eye Cream This luscious eye cream will restore your eye area’s naturally healthy glow with a powerful vitamin and peptide firming complex. It helps firm, smooth and lift the skin to reduce the appearance of fatigue, goggle marks and dark circles. It restores suppleness for a brighter more energized look. It is dermatologist – tested for sensitive skin. It is fragrance-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free, silicone-free, gluten-free and vegan. The reviews are amazing. We highly recommend it! To get more info about this amazing swimmer’s eye cream….check it out on our website!! Dermasport Renew Eye Cream Don’t settle for “Raccoon Eyes” anymore!

Dermasport Facial Sunscreen We ALL need sunscreen. I have learned that it MUST be a part of my daily routine….year around. Being very fair skinned, I know I have a high risk skin cancer….not to mention wrinkles and lizard skin! Dermatologist, Dr. Christopher Schmidt, an avid swimmer for over 50 years, created Dermasport to help swimmers combat the effects of the sun on skin. According to Dr. Schmidt, “The effects of UV are cumulative, so it’s never too late to start taking better care of your skin.” Dermasport sunscreen is a clean SPF50 mineral lotion with a hydrophobic barrier that protects you skin from chlorine and sun damage for up to 80 minutes so you can swim, sweat and enjoy the sunshine with peace of mind. It protects against skin-cancer, sunburns and signs of premature aging. It is smudge-resistant so it won’t ruin your goggles. Dermatologist-tested for sensitive skin, fragrance-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free, silicone-free , gluten-free and vegan. And it is Reef-safe (HI SB2571 compliant). For more info on this great sunscreen, see our website Dermasport Facial Sunscreen

Dermasport Facial Cleanser This amazing swimmer facial cleanser is pH-balanced and gently removes chlorine, sunscreen, sweat, dirt and makeup without stripping....leaving skin soft, smooth and hydrated. Of course, it was dermatologist-developed and tested. It is enriched with vitamins and antioxidants naturally found in your skin that lessen with age.
It is Dermatologist-tested for sensitive skin, frangranc-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free, silicone-free, gluten-free and vegan. See our website for more info on this great swim cleanser! You will love it! Dermasport Facial Cleanser

Dermasport Facial Moisturizer The perfect thing to use after cleansing your face. Revive chlorine and sun-damaged skin with this ultra hydrating lightweight formula. It is a soothing blend of botanicals, vegan peptides and hyaluronic acid that calms chlorine rash and helps reverse the visible signs of photoaging. Check out our website for more info!! Dermasport Facial Moisturizer