Being a lifeguard is a serious job. By the time you get the job, you’ve already been through strenuous training and you’re so empowered that YOU can SAVE A LIFE! Then, you get up on that lifeguard stand for the first time, whistle around your neck and bouy in hand and you think…’Oh my gosh, what if someone drowns?! Will I really react the way I’m supposed to?’ So you put yourself into as many situations as you can and you think about what you would do in each situation. You hope it never happens, but if it does, you’ll be ready!

Before you get to this first day of your new job as a lifeguard, there are a few things you need to do to prepare yourself.

  1. Make sure you have plenty of healthy snacks and lots of water! Sitting out in the sun all day is draining. Even if you aren’t the one splashing around in the pool or the waves, you still get hungry and exhausted! If you are going to be willing and ready to save a life, you HAVE to first take care of yourself!

  2. Get yourself a good lanyard and whistle (if they haven’t already gotten you one). We’ve all seen the lifeguards sitting up there twirling their whistles in their hands. That’s what makes them look so official! Splashwear has all the guard equipment you will need!

  3. Bring plenty of sunscreen! I know, you got this job as a lifeguard and went through all the training so you could get yourself a good tan this summer… but trust me, you will get plenty of a tan with the sunscreen! And, you don’t want to get a bright red sunburn the first day on the job and be excruciatingly miserable the rest of the week!

  4. GET A COMFORTABLE SWIMSUIT! Many lifeguards just go with the smallest suit and whatever looks best on them. That’s fine, but remember, you are going to be sitting in this one suit for hours! And, although your job is very important, there is a LOT of sitting around and you don’t want to be thinking of how uncomfortable you are the whole time. Find great Men's and Women's suits and guard apparel here!

  5. Have some fun! Joke around with the kids and make some friends. Kids look up to the lifeguards, so live it up! Be someone’s hero this summer. :)