Even if you’re not a competitive swimmer, proper nutrition is the foundation of good health and ensures adequate performance both on the job – and in the gym or pool.

The best place to go for detailed meal plans for athletes would be a sports dietitian or nutritionist who is licensed in your state and has credentialed expertise in that field. An example would be a certified sports dietitian or CSSD. They can provide a customized plan based on you or your swimmer’s needs, and can answer any questions you may have.

While some personal trainers attempt to provide nutritional advice, it’s important to note that they’re stepping outside of the realm of their expertise and education when they do that. Most of them had very minimal hours of ‘training’ in that arena to get certified, and their goals or their client’s goals, are very different from that of a swimmer or average person. They simply don’t have the depth of knowledge a dietitian would.

To see what the U. S. Olympic Committee’s sources say about healthy eating, including quick visuals of plates of food and what to eat on certain training days, click here - http://alturl.com/mxjj4


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