Review of most popular competition swimsuits. Animal Prints are hot hot hot! See our picks for top Animal Print swimsuits. SoZebra Haze Swimsuime fads seem to hang on and on.......and lucky for us.....animal prints seem to be here to stay! What better way to show your wild side, than a cute leopard print on your training suit or great zebra stripes on your team suit? Speedo's Zebra Haze has been one of the most popular prints this year! It comes in great colors; blue, red, green, gold, orange and purple. You can get that fabulous print in Speedo's flyback or 2-piece style for women. For the guys, the Zebra Haze comes in spliced jammer or an all over print brief.

Animal Print Swimsuit - Dolfin MeowAdoretex Felina is a great looking leopard print perfect for those long training sessions!

Dolfin makes Meow, a really cute reversible suit in both a string back and 2-piece designs. This cute leopard print is pink on one side and reverses to turquoise on the other! Dolfin also makes a matching Meow lycra cap!

The Finals Pink Panther is a gorgeous print and you'll definitely stand out in this suit!

So, if you're feeling a little wild.......try an animal print swimsuit.......... you'll "ROAR" through your swim!!