What a Swim Store Owner does!

Is this how your desk looks? I heard that Einstein had a messy desk, so I'm going with it! Well, at least that's my excuse. This is where I spend my workdays, filling orders, paying bills, ordering, receiving, paying taxes, payroll, talking to customers, designing custom team swimsuits and whatever else needs to be done! Ahhhh...the life of a business owner! I tell my husband that I'm a fireman....I spend all day putting out fires...You know what I mean......"Johnny needs tech suit YESTERDAY!!" Those are the worst for me, because I really want to make my customers happy and I stress until I get them what they want WHEN they want it! But...don't get me wrong....I'm not complaining....we ALL have stressful jobs...this is just mine and I love it! I feel so blessed to have this business. It has been good to me and swimmers, swim parents/grandparents are the best customers anywhere! No, I really mean it! Swimming is such a great sport, so those involved are great too! I'll just continue to put out those fires...with a smile on my face! :) As for today....well, it's pretty slow in the store right now, so Kara and I caught up with all our adventures from this weekend, then got busy. I filled orders while she hung up new Lifeguard suits. And, the new Dolfin Uglies are in...they are always so cute. It amazes me that they continue to come up with cute new prints every season. They are adorable! We also put a LOT of great suits in the Grab Bag if you need practice suits, we gotcha covered. Come by the store for a great selection. Oh...I also designed a new Q Custom team suit for the Magnolia Dolphins Summer League Swim Team in Magnolia, Arkansas. The suit adorable and they really like it!

As for the rest of the day...well it's time to do my bookkeeping and go home. Now, don't get me wrong...just because I'm going home doesn't mean my work day is over...Oh noooo....I will work through the night as I'm watching tv or at my pottery class, I'm constantly responding to emails and inquiries. It never really ends...but as I said, I love it and wouldn't have it any other way!

So....this is my life, Welcome to it! Feel free to post your thoughts or questions and I'll respond!

Happy Swimming and....

Keep a Messy Desk!