Foggy Goggles


As a swim store owner…there are certain questions I hear all of the time….What size does my child wear? (that’s the one we hear most often and usually over the phone) Which suit is best? Which goggles never leak? Which goggles never fog? All very good questions….but no simple answer to any of them….

Except the last one.

Someone has finally come out with a product that literally keeps your goggles from fogging up!! YUP you heard that right! It is ingenious…’s called Fog-X.


It is a clear insert that adheres to your goggle lens and doesn’t fog up!!! It is miraculous. I kid you not! You know, I rarely think any product is perfect, but this one is pretty darn close. We just got in our 2nd shipment and already it’s flying off the shelf. Once we explain how they work, everyone wants them!


So, here are the details: Fog-X is a long lasting anti-fog insert that you apply once and forget!

They can be used on goggles or glasses. 1.5 x 1 inch oval (4x2.7cm)

They are scratch resistant and if you decide to remove them, they can be easily removed without leaving any residue…but why would you want to???

They are low cost! Only $7.00 plus $3.00 shipping and that includes 2 pairs!!

If you are still confused….putting Fog-X on your goggles is like putting a clear screen protector on your phone. Easy and so helpful.
Order yours today and stop swimming in a fog!

Happy Swimming,