Using a centermount snorkel during swim training or swimming laps has many benefits and people use them for different purposes. Here are some of the benefits:

Improves Body Alignment - A snorkel can help you keep a neutral, face-down position which reduces drag and enhances efficiency in the water.

Endurance - Without having to do turns, you can swim longer and increase stamina. Breathing Control - Snorkels can help you work on breathing rhythm and timing without having to focus on turning your head to breathe.

Stroke Technique - Not having to focus on breathing, you can focus solely on your stroke. This freedom allows you to work on more precise and controlled movements.

Reduces Neck and Shoulder Pain - We often recommend snorkels to customers who tell us they have neck problems. The repetitive motion of turning your head can lead to strain on your neck and shoulders. Using a snorkel can minimize the risk of injury.

Perfect for Swim Drills - You are able to isolate specific aspects of your stroke techniques. You can swim in a focused manner, working on perfecting your stroke. It is also very helpful when learning the correct technique for underwater streamline.

Builds Confidence - We often get customers in the store that are looking for help with their stroke and breathing. Breathing to the side is often a difficult thing to perfect for beginners…whether you are a child or adult. The snorkel gives swimmers the confidence to swim up and down the pool without worrying about breathing.

Reduces Disruptions - When the pool is crowded using the snorkel can reduce the disruptions caused by head movements and splashing. Not to mention, you can continue to focus on your thoughts. Come in to the store to see what we have available….or just visit our website!!!