Catch More Water, Earlier with the Forearm Fulcrum

EVF (Early Vertical Forearm) is a position that is a critical to fast swimming across the board. EVF is most often considered to be the "front end" of the stroke, or the start of the pull or catch. The Forearm Fulcrum locks the swimmer's wrist in line with their forearm, encouraging them to anchor their elbow and pull with a larger surface area. A vertical forearm is seen when the elbows are kept high which also helps engage the muscles in the chest, core, and lats. Coupled with a timely rotation of the hips and torso, EVF will increase speed and also endurance over a longer sustained effort.


Learn to add EVF into your stroke with using the Forearm Fulcrum to complete these drills..

4 rounds (@ moderate intervals) *First 2 rounds with the Forearm Fulcrum 75 Free 4 x 50 Freestyle Single Arm Drill (3 right, 3 left, 3 both arms) 75 Free 4 x 50 Cork Screw Drill (3 stroke free, 4 strokes back) 75 Back

Forearm Fulcrum